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Top 5 Pram Walks in Bendigo

Alycia Hatzi
Written by Alycia Hatzi
Nov 29, 2021   •   
Top 5 Pram Walks in Bendigo

If you are like me, you love going for a nice long walk whenever the weather permits!

However, when you have a new baby and a pram to bring along with you, sometimes it can be tricky to find a nice walking track that is ‘pram safe’ or family-friendly.

To make life easier for the parents of Bendigo, here are my top 5 pram walks and recommendations:

1. Lake Weroona

This is a central location in Bendigo (as well as a popular meeting place for mums’ groups). As well as having a great lake to walk around (doing as many or as few laps as you wish), it also boasts a generous gated playground, a coffee van, free parking, toilets and a lakeside restaurant. The sealed track is suitable for all prams and wide enough for the whole family to walk together as you spot all the wonderful ducks around.

Click here to find out more.

2. Lake Neangar Eaglehawk

This track is located northwest of Bendigo and also has a great lake to walk around (again doing as many or as few laps as you wish). The award-winning play space is something wonderful to look at (or stop at!) as you walk by. Its sealed track is suitable for all prams and there is also free onsite parking and public toilets.

Find out more here.

3. Kennington Reservoir

This is probably my favourite track because there are so many options to choose from when walking around it, as well as many birds to see along the way. Depending on the time you have, you can choose a shorter lap (around 30min) or the larger lap (approx. 45-60min) and choose 1 or 2 cycles – baby/legs/pets depending.

There is also the famous Crook St play area at the top end of the track which is absolutely beautiful for a play date and rest. The track usually has a coffee van near the play area as well as toilets and a lot of parking. Most of the track is paved and should be suitable for all prams but there are options to go further into the reserve on dirt tracks should you choose to.

See link here for more.

4. Imagine Estate and Villawood Properties in Strathfieldsaye

This area is one for the locals of Strathfieldsaye (located southeast of Bendigo). A track that has multiple starting points where the kids can bring their bikes, a footy and the dog to walk along the newest estate establishments. They can also spot diggers and construction sites, horses, sheep and cattle in the nearby paddocks, and don’t forget to finish with a visit to the famous emu display at Imagine Estate on Swanson Boulevard.

Some of the walk is paved whilst some is not, so choose your pram wisely or simply opt for the paved-only paths. There are no toilets as such but if you walk through Strathfieldsaye you will see public toilets near the bakery for a family lunch stop! Start at Swanson Boulevard or park at the local IGA and choose the direction that feels best for you!

Click here for a map.

5. Crusoe Reservoir

If you prefer the bushland type of feel then this track is for you with different paths ranging from 1.4 to 3.3kms. You are sure to see some native wildlife, possibly a kangaroo up close, with the bonus of multiple bench seats along the way to have a short break. Some of the path is paved but most is not so I recommend a sturdy pram with larger wheels. Free parking and toilets are onsite and if you are closer to the Melbourne side of Bendigo then this track might be for you!

Find out more here.

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Alycia runs Strongest U Fitness in Bendigo, Victoria. To find out more about her and get in touch, click here.

You can also find her on Instagram.

Alycia Hatzi
Written by Alycia Hatzi
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