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Women’s Health Checks

Sep 4, 2023   •   
Women’s Health Checks

Womens Health Week & The Power of Health Checks

It is Women’s Health Week so let’s talk about the power of womens health checks and why it is so important.

Women juggle lots of responsibilities and roles, often their health takes a back seat. I’m here today to remind you to make time and space for you to explore what health checks you need at this stage of your life.

Our bodies undergo several changes throughout our lives, from puberty and pregnancy to menopause and beyond.

We are all absolute rockstars.

These changes bring about unique health challenges that require care and attention. Regular health checks ensure that our specific health needs are addressed, helping to prevent, detect, and manage conditions that are more common among females.

When was the last time you thought about health checks?

We know that early detection is key to prevention and this is done with Regular screenings, such as:

  • Breast screening
  • Skin Cancer checks
  • Pap smears
  • Bone density tests

These tests detect breast cancer, cervical abnormalities, melanoma, and osteoporosis early on, leading to more successful treatment outcomes. I’m going to say this again…..

Early Detection, is key to prevention

My Mum’s Health Check Story

This is my Mum’s story and I hope that by sharing this with you it will encourage you to have your breast cancer (screening) check.
8 years ago, just before me and my husband got married my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was a routine breast check; mum has always been on top of her health checks. My Mum had a mammogram and a lump was found no bigger than her small fingernail. She couldn’t feel the lump and could only be detected via a mammogram. She tackled it head on and had a lumpectomy, chemo and radiotherapy. Fast forward to today she’s cancer free and living down under with me.
Now, I get it. Sometimes you can sense that something’s not quite right, but sometimes, those sneaky issues fly under the radar. That’s why I’m cheering you on to make that appointment. Start by checking you own breasts today by following this guide

Heart Health Matters

Regular health checks help assess:

  • cardiovascular health
  • blood pressure
  • cholesterol levels

This allows women to take preventive measures and reduce their risk of heart-related issues. Book you appointment with you GP.

Mental and emotional well-being

Women often play multiple roles; parents, partner, professional and more – which can take a toll on mental and emotional health. Health checks provide a platform to discuss mental well-being, manage stress, and seek support when needed. Prioritising mental health is an essential part of a woman’s overall wellness.
Around 1 in 6 women in Australia will experience depression and 1 in 3 women will experience anxiety during their lifetime.

Taking care of the future, YOU

When women take charge of their health, they set an example for their children. By embracing health checks, women can instil healthy habits, self-care practices and a proactive approach to well-being in their families.

During Women’s Health Week, MumSafe™ celebrates the incredible power of health checks for women. I hope by reading this article you prioritise regular assessments and make appointments to have your checks.

This means taking control of your health, detecting potential issues early, and make making informed decisions about your well-being. Whether it’s reproductive health, skin changes, hormonal changes, heart health, or mental well-being, health checks are fundamental tools for a healthy life.

Emma Bunting runs Motivate Mums in Queensland, . Learn more about Emma and Book your Trial today.

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