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Midwife to MumSafe Trainer

Oct 30, 2023   •   
Midwife to MumSafe Trainer

A Midwife who became a Mumsafe Trainer

This is my story as to why I became a trainer specifically working with Mums after a decade working as a midwife. My name is Laura and I’ve been a registered nurse and midwife for over 12 years. These are roles that I have always loved. After a while they almost become part of your identity and impossible to let go of. So instead of letting them go I added to my skillset and have created my own fusion fitness and healthcare.

Over many years and varied experiences, I have seen how drastically life experience can be impacted by health and wellbeing. Fitness and strength are amazing medicines for our bodies and we should embrace the protective factors that fitness provides. During my nursing years in the emergency department I was exposed the vulnerabilities that ageing can predispose us to0. Things such as,

  • Osteoporosis
  • Imbalance / falls
  • Nutritional deficits
  • A lack of Independence

Midwifery and Mums

In the midwifery world, I met many women who had experienced birth injuries. They acknowledged that working closely with a women’s health physiotherapist and an appropriate Mumsafe trainer, could improve their quality of life significantly. Especially as they age. Common women’s health issues can be supported significantly by strength and to provide overall wellbeing and longevity.

  • Prolapse
  • Stress incontinence,
  • Hormonal influence of perimenopause and menopause

Making a difference in the community

Through the years of the acute phases of the pandemic, I found that these hospital based careers proved challenging. I really wanted to make a positive difference to the health of my community. Reflecting upon this, along with realising that I have a strong passion for functional strength and overall wellbeing, I decided to become a fitness trainer. I started working in a women’s specific gym in a city and have since moved to my smaller hometown of Pambula, NSW. At the same time I have moved my focus entirely into my niche market, those who want to feel strong and well in their pregnancy and postpartum lives. I believe that postpartum is forever and women need ongoing support as their families grow.

Personal experience and changing lives

I was on the nightshift as a Midwife and a woman along with her 2 week old newborn presented to our birthing suite. She was describing a sensation of ‘heaviness’ in her vagina and was very distressed. I quickly realised that this woman was experiencing a symptomatic prolapse. The only reason I was aware of this was that I had experienced one myself. I was able to provide immediate reassurance to this woman. And then, through further education about women’s health physiotherapy along with the appropriate referrals, this woman was able to reduce her symptoms and strengthen her pelvic floor. It was in that moment I realised I wanted to make more of a difference.

Two become one

I love women’s health and I am committed to helping women at any stage of motherhood and supporting their individual experiences to ensure a positive parenting journey with appropriate, evidence based advice to strengthen from the inside out.

Nursing and midwifery are cemented into my identity so I do still work when I am able at our local hospital but I am so grateful for the opportunity to provide support to women in a more rounded model of care in everyday strength and fitness. Find your local Mumsafe trainer to make sure that your fitness is considered in a way that acknowledges and supports your amazing postpartum physiology!

Laura Tieppo runs Salut PT in New South Wales, . Learn more about Laura and Book your Trial today.

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