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A Modern Mothers Day

May 9, 2023   •   
A Modern Mothers Day

What is  a Modern Mothers Day?

Originally mother’s day was developed to recognise the sacrifices mothers make for their children. The day was specifically an occasion to recognise your own mother to honour her. As years have gone by, Australian culture has attempted to recognise all types of “mother” in our diverse communities for a more modern take of Mothers Day. Often this is a special day for families, spent together where possible, perhaps attending a meal together or a special event. Fitness Events are also popular – perhaps your local mumsafe trainer has arranged a special Mother’s Day training session for you?

In 2023, Mother’s Day seems to be evolving into a broader day for all those in a role contributing to motherhood. Mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, god mothers, bereaved mothers, fathers providing the mothering role, aunties etc.

A Difficult Day

This can be a difficult day for some. Some people have lost their mothers and some mother’s grieve the loss of their angel babies.

Sands have come up with 5 ways to support a grieving mother on mother’s day. These are worth sharing. The link is below but I will list them again as they’re beautiful supportive actions:

  1. Reach out to simply acknowledge that the day may be a painful one for her
  2. Acknowledge that she is still a mother
  3. Speak her child’s name
  4. Don’t try to make her feel better – it is OK to acknowledge sadness and give space for these feelings
  5. Encourage her to listen to her mind and body- spend the day however she likes.

When Mothers are born

As a midwife, I have been lucky enough to be present at a very special moment where women become mothers. Most of the time these moments are beautiful, emotional, and so very happy. New mothers are born along with their new baby. I am always guilty of being almost more excited for the birth of the mother than the new baby.

Sometimes, the journey to follow pregnancy and birth can be overwhelming due to this enormous learning curve and process of matrescence. Matrescence is the physical, emotional, hormonal and social transition to becoming a mother.

Motherhood is a joy and a challenge and matrescence recognises that this process is not always simple but intense and more enjoyable with a village of support. This support may be family and friends or the community provided with your mumsafe trainer. Regular contact with other mothers and regular exercise, safe movement of your body in a way that makes you feel strong and happy is one way to celebrate motherhood throughout the entire year, every year.

Motherhood is simultaneously the hardest and best thing that we can ever experience

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you identifying in the role of the mother. May you feel appreciated, loved and special today and all other days. Move your body, exercise in a safe way that makes you feel strong today to celebrate mother’s day and every day.


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