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Mum Moments – Building Resilience in Children

Apr 1, 2020   •   
Mum Moments – Building Resilience in Children

Building Resilience in Children

Mum Moments is created by the Body Beyond Baby Affiliate team with the mission to start and have the conversations that all mums need to be having but often aren’t.

In this week’s episode, Sheridan of My Fit Mumma talks to clinical psychologist Lisa Ford of The Resilience Co about Building Resilience in Children including simple and practical strategies for parents.

This interview took place in October 2019, well before we heard the words “coronavirus” or “COVID-19” but we feel the knowledge and strategies Lisa shared during this chat are more valuable to parents than ever before!

Some of the big takeaways from Sheridan’s chat with Lisa include:

  • The pressure parents feel to be our children’s carers as well as their teachers.
  • Children learn really well from their natural environment and we don’t necessarily have to make everything a teachable moment.
  • Children learn when they are not provided with all the information and are given the opportunity to figure things out for themselves (we don’t have to jump in to “fix”).
  • Trusting them to not necessarily make the right decisions all the time but trusting them to be able to cope with the outcome and learn from their experience.
  • Strategies for encouraging problem solving to avoid raising a generation of “problem dumpers”.
  • Benefits of “free play” or “risky play” in our homes (hint: this will take the pressure off you too!)
  • Tips for responding to “I’m bored” and why hearing that is not such a bad thing!
  • Strategies for encouraging “risky play” without passing on our own risk aversions. Did you know that studies show that sheltering them from risk can actually make them more accident prone?
  • Why “busy” and jam-packed schedules are not always better, and the benefits of slowing down for both parents and children. Win win!
  • The importance of taking care of ourselves and staying on top of our own self-care.

We hope you enjoy this chat!

Building Resilience in Children

Love Jen & all the Body Beyond Baby Affiliate team x

Show notes

Find Lisa:

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At The Resilience Co

The Body Beyond Baby Affiliate team is a collection of Fitness Professionals that operate with autonomy under their own brand but choose to come together under the Body Beyond Baby umbrella with the shared mission of leading the change within the Fitness Industry to ensure all women are safely and effectively looked after once they become a mother.

They know that together they can reach more women than if they go it alone AND their mission is stronger and their voices are louder.

Sheridan Wakefield runs My Fit Mumma in Hobart, TAS . Learn more about Sheridan and Book your Trial today.

You can also find her on Instagram.

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