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How does a virtual mums and bubs exercise class work?

Nov 18, 2020   •   
How does a virtual mums and bubs exercise class work?
Virtual classes were born from great trainers’ necessity to keep supporting their clients during the various lockdowns and quarantine periods of 2020. Still, it seems they are here to stay! It turns out virtual classes have more positives than we imagined. I’ll be telling you here how they work so you can jump into them with both feet and enjoy all of their benefits!

Joining your virtual classes

Depending on the onboarding process of the classes you are joining, it will look something like this:
  • Pre-exercise questionnaire where your exercise history, medical background, pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum are covered as well as your goals. It can include lifestyle factors like sleep, nutrition, incidental activity, stress, and even your cycle.
  • You may also get a 1:1 consultation to discuss the above and educational videos on performing pelvic floor exercises correctly and learning how to check yourself for abdominal separation. Then, you’ll have a better understanding and awareness once you jump into the class.
  • Some businesses may have a “Newbie” special class, one at a slower pace than usual, where it will be explained how a typical class works so you don’t feel overwhelmed (this can also be covered by a video that you can watch and do as many times you want, bonus!!)
If you are still sitting on the fence for a virtual mums and bubs fitness session, be prepared for the list of benefits they offer!
  • Rocking up to your class can take literally 30 seconds!
  • The chances of being late are WAY less – all you need to do is click on the link and voilá! From the comfort of your house, you get to exercise with a Mums’ Fitness Specialist!
  • No parking stress. How many times were you on time for your session, but parking took forever??
  • No mental load of, “I know I forget something, but what?” No need to pack nappies, morning tea, toys, or even your own mat.
  • Bad weather, what’s that? It doesn’t matter how cold or warm it is outside or if it’s pouring down; the only drops you will feel are your own sweat.
  • Convenience. The chances mums put themselves at the bottom of the list are high, and if your little one is not at their best, you’ll probably miss your class. Well, not for virtual sessions – you can monitor your little bundle of joy while moving safely and attend to them if there’s the need.

Ready, set, go!

Your class is about to start; you take a look around and check you have enough space to move (as your trainer told you) and you click on the link you previously got. Make sure your trainer can see your full body! That’s it! You are in class, woohoo! Your trainer will probably allow a couple of minutes to ask you the same questions you get at a face-to-face class: How are you feeling? How are your energy levels today? How was the night? Did you have breakfast? Any aches and pains today? Followed by the round of questions, the session starts. Remember that this is a virtual session, and your trainer can see you, which gives them the chance to correct technique and ask for feedback. It also allows you to ask questions in real-time – a huge advantage from a pre-recorded workout. It’s as simple as that! Then, when the class is over, all you do is roll up your mat and continue with your day. Enjoy! Just a reminder: take a moment when you contact someone offering mums and bubs classes to ask for their qualifications. Make sure they are certified pre and postnatal trainers, and they are allied with a women’s health physio. Meli runs Phoenix for Mums in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. To find out more about her and get in touch, click here. You can also find her on Instagram. All of the trainers listed on our website with the ‘Now offering virtual training’ banner are accredited in Safe Return to Exercise, registered with their governing body, partnered with a Women’s Health Physiotherapist and hold the correct insurance to train you as a mum and in your lounge room.
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