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5 easy ways to practise self-care as a mum

Jan 3, 2020   •   
5 easy ways to practise self-care as a mum
With the silly season in full swing, it can be such a quest to manage to find time for yourself. With Christmas shopping, lots of cooking, gatherings, catch-ups, ballet concerts, play dates – the list goes on and on – it looks like our schedule is fully booked! But it is so important to practise self-care now that you're a mum. You can find thousands of reasons for not taking time to look after yourself, and before you say it, I'll say it first: the house can wait. I'll show you how easily you can manage to have some "me time." Here are 5 little tips that I hope you shout out loud to all your mum friends and share the love this holiday season. 1. Set your alarm a bit earlier than usual Get up before your family (45 minutes is more than enough) and kick-off your day with some exercise. We know exercise releases endorphins, the happy hormone, and what's better than starting your day moving and recharging yourself for the busy day ahead? Extra tip: if you are on our complimentary Christmas program, this can be a good time to do it! If it's been a bad night and you can't get up before you family, no worries! Here is plan B: take some time after your partner gets home from work and let him be the chef tonight. You can leave dinner pre-prepared to make things a bit easier, so he also has time to play with the little humans. 2. Home spa Pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of tea, grab a square or two of chocolate (why not!?) and get in the tub with some salts or bath fizzers. Add a few drops of essential oils if you are a fan, like me, to make it a complete experience for all your senses. You only need 20 minutes and you'll feel refreshed. This is a great option to do after putting your little ones to bed. 3. Get a team Team up with one or more mum friends, your closest ones, and create a system where everyone gets some "me time."  For example, your friend takes your little one so you can enjoy yourself and next time you'll take hers. Why not take this time to go to that Pilates class you used to go to? After all, mum friends have gotta help each other! 4. Find local activities for your children This one doesn't seem to focus on you, but read that again and think – when you put your children in your local bootcamp, that instantly gives you time! Sports, creative arts, dancing, swimming, and even future vets camps are some of the options the market offers these days, depending on your child's interests and age. While your small people are enjoying themselves, go and do the same! Catch up with a friend, go and get your mani and pedi done. Use that time wisely for yourself (not for back to school shopping!) and please leave grocery shopping for other times. We really don't need that much time to look after ourselves. 5. Accept that offer You may have offers from friends and family to look after your little people so you and your partner can go on a date. Why don't you take that offer and do something during the day, just yourself? Two hours is short enough for little people not to get bored and long enough for you to get to the local beach or park with that book you bought last year and still haven't finished. Read a chapter or two while enjoying a smoothie! And, my extra gift to you (yes, I'm leaving you with a bonus because I'm feeling festive!) which can be applied to each of the above tips... Schedule everything!! Just like you add an event in your calendar when you have an appointment, add an event for your designated "me time." Share it with your partner to keep him in the loop of what's happening if he is supposed to be looking after the little people or if he is in charge of dinner. And, one last one, I promise! Pay for your activities in advance. By doing that, you are most likely to show up because you have already made a financial investment. As you can see, it is possible to make time for ourselves even with the calendar looking full! And we are also better mums when we feel happy about ourselves. Happy holidays my friend! Meli runs Phoenix for Mums in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. To find out more about her and get in touch, click here. You can also find her on Instagram.
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