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Exercising on a Budget

Feb 20, 2024   •   
Exercising on a Budget

Exercising on a budget as a busy Mum

The rising cost of living is nothing short of offensive. For women who have often taken time away from the paid workplace to raise their small people, this can feel even more challenging. Most parents are aware of the benefits of physical activity for their overall wellbeing but options can feel out of reach/unsustainable in trying times. Budget exercise options are necessary when financial barriers come between mum and her physical activity.

Science versus reality

Government recommendations for keeping active in pregnancy cite benefits including.

  • Preparing for labour and recovery
  • Reduced risk of diabetes in pregnancy
  • Less incidence of pelvic and back pain
  • Lower risk of incontinence
  • Improved mental health

These same government recommendations cite the importance of physical activity most days of the week, preferably every day to a weekly total of

  • 2.5-5 hrs of moderate intensity activity
  • 1.23-2.5 hrs of vigorous intensity activity
  • Or a combination of the above.

Once your baby is here and you find yourself in postpartum, exercise recommendations are essentially the same as for when you’re pregnant. Keeping it simple, this is moving most days in a way that challenges your heart and lungs and muscles to work harder.

And yet you are also in need of expertise and experience – two things that often cost more $$. Finding your local Mumsafe trainer is one important way to make sure your pregnancy movement or return to exercise is kept safe and effective.  These highly skilled coaches ensure you are strengthening from the inside out. MumSafe Coaches are very aware of all the challenges that face women returning to exercise, especially with the financial hurdles. So, please do talk to them about what options they have to make regular exercise more accessible for you.

Exercising on a Budget – 3 simple options

  1. PRAM walks. Does your local area have a walking group for mums? Why not start one. A local mum in my area started up a walking group open to all for FREE where they finish with a coffee at the beach. How beautiful, this not only provides FREE exercise but also promotes connection and emotional wellbeing during the process of matrescence. Be mindful to challenge your body to where your breathing and heart rate slightly increase, this gives your body a healthy challenge as the muscles around your heart and lungs work harder. Subsequently providing your with the benefits of exercise as listed above.
  2. HOME WORKOUTS. The internet is a wonderful place. While being mindful that you will need to work to where your body is at, most of us have access to internet and could look up a free access home workout. Be sure to search for mumsafe / safe return to exercise for new mums for your FREE introduction into safe postpartum movements
  3. EQUIPMENT. You do not need to purchase fancy weights. You have a cupboard with hopefully a couple or water bottles? Empty milk cartons you could fill with water? Tins? All of these household items can be used in place of fancy gym equipment. Alternatively, second hand gym equipment via places like Facebook Market place make things more affordable.

Exercise Investment with a budget

Once you can spend any available money on your fitness, strength and wellbeing – be sure to look into the many local mumsafe trainers in your area. Some even offer online offerings which means you still get their expertise but may be more affordable when fitting things into your budget.

Your hard-earned cash must be spent in alignment with your own personal values so I am not going to recommend cutting out the odd coffee purchase if that gives you a great deal of happiness. Consider that putting energy into your health and fitness will save you money that you won’t need to spend on management of chronic illnesses. Prevention is always better than a cure.

Laura Tieppo runs Salut PT in New South Wales, . Learn more about Laura and Book your Trial today.

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