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5 reasons why a mum-focused personal training session may be right for you

Jul 8, 2020   •   
5 reasons why a mum-focused personal training session may be right for you

Group fitness vs mum-focused personal training

Whilst group fitness classes are an awesome way to connect with other like-minded mums through exercise, there are many reasons why a mum-focused personal training session may be more suitable for you.

One on one training has many benefits

One on one training has many benefits as a stand-alone option and it can also compliment any group sessions you take part in.

5 reasons to try one on one training

1. Mum-focused personal trainers should have additional training

So that they are specifically accredited and consequently properly insured to work with pregnant or post-natal women. This is a specialised area so do ask about their expertise and qualifications in this field.

Group or one on one mum-focussed training programs differ in comparison to formats designed with the “general” population in mind. There is far more to it than simply working up a sweat and pushing yourself hard. Good quality programming for mums should be structured around an assessment and awareness of the core and pelvic floor and, along with your Women’s Health Physiotherapist, develop strong foundations on which to build. This prevents issues arising down the track from doing exercises that are not suitable for you or doing too much too soon.

To find a Safe Return to Exercise Accredited fitness professional in your area, click here.

2. Taking the step to participate in a group fitness session can be daunting

especially if this is a new experience for you or you have had some time away from structured exercise for whatever reason. Working one on one with a personal trainer can help you build confidence by taking the time to develop your understanding of many basic and commonly used movement patterns and get familiar with any equipment. This way you won’t feel quite so out of your depth when it comes to joining a group format class.

3. The name “personal training” provides a rather big clue

Whilst your individual needs should never be ignored in a group fitness setting, working one on one with fitness professional provides much more opportunity to individualise a program that works for you. You may feel comfortable to share more about your health, exercise history and lifestyle so that your trainer can better address your specific needs. They will take the time to ask you questions relating to these things and help you work through any hurdles you feel may have prevented you reaching your goals in the past.

Depending on the type of service your PT provides, they may also have the opportunity to follow up with other relevant allied health professionals you see (with your permission of course!) They will also have a network of other professionals they can refer you to if they recognise a need that is outside their scope of practice or will help you get more out of your program.

4. Increased accountability

You may feel cancelling or not showing up to a group session goes unnoticed, however, when you know someone is waiting only for you with a personalised plan, you are less likely to skip it! Not to mention you will have someone to answer to if you do!

Many mums also report feeling like they “work harder” and are more focused in a personal training session.

5. Convenience!

Some PT services will come to you. There may also be more flexibility with available time slots and you can schedule it around when your baby normally naps or is being looked after by a friend, carer or family member. A lunchtime session could be an option if you have returned to work. Some mum-focused trainers are often happy for you to have bub with you.

For all the reasons outlined above, you pay a higher price for personal training as you are not just paying for the time they spend with you but also the time they spend on you, tailoring your program and catering to your individual circumstances. It is for this very reason though that you can expect a more premium service.

In most cases, a one on one service is more than just face-to-face training and often includes extras to support you in developing healthy, sustainable habits. When you are working with a mum-focused personal trainer, you are also paying for a specialised service that requires additional training and expertise.

Sheridan Wakefield runs My Fit Mumma in Tasmania, . Learn more about Sheridan and Book your Trial today.

You can also find her on Instagram.

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