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Marley’s Mum

Published Jul 6th, 2018 by

Jen Dugard

Marley’s Mum
Almost nine years ago I gave birth to my first child. I became a mum. I became known as ‘Marley’s mum’. Two years later I also became ‘India’s mum’. I received two of the greatest gifts and I am forever grateful that I get to travel with these two beautiful beings through the start of their own journeys. Another journey also began for me. As a mother. A mother and a woman with hopes, dreams and ambitions; the same woman who had traveled 27 years of life before them. The same woman who always wanted to change the world in her own little way. My children helped to guide me onto the path I am on today – call them a double blessing if you will. They drive me day after day to live my very best life. When I gave birth to them, my force grew stronger. They helped me see how much strength I have, to face each and every day. They offered challenges, ups and downs, and really tough times but I got through them. I always came out stronger, with more understanding and more faith in me and my ability to not only survive, but to thrive. My point. I see you and I see you struggling. I see you feeling lost and afraid and beaten. I see your hopes and dreams fading. I see you gain more and more comfort from being ‘just a mum’. I see you losing the woman you once were with the change in your body, relationship, confidence. It doesn’t have to be that way. Because I also see the sparkle in your eye. I hear the excitement in your voice when you talk of what you ‘used’ to do or when you allow yourself to think, just for a moment, about all the things you want to get done in the world. I see your energy growing the more you move. I see the connections you make with other women and I feel the driving force that you really are, that you truly are. The driving force that is just waiting to resurface. Maybe it won’t be today. Maybe not tomorrow, but it’s not gone. You are not gone. Your dreams and desires have not left you. You are not ‘just a mum’ and you never will be. Maybe you are ‘just’ being super mum today – we all know it’s no easy job – being exactly who you are supposed to be right now. And it’s perfect. But don’t for a second allow who you really want to be, to get lost. You can be ‘mum’ AND super awesome at everything that you want to be. And when you are happy, your little ones are happy. YOU are the very best example you could ever give them to become everything that THEY want to be. You get just ONE shot in this journey called life. Why wouldn’t you choose to experience it all and realise your full potential?
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Written by

Jen Dugard
MumSafe™ Trainer at 

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