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How do working mums find time to exercise?

Mar 25, 2021   •   
How do working mums find time to exercise?
Sometimes as a working mum it can feel impossible to squeeze another thing into your already busy schedule. Whilst it’s not always easy, with a little bit of planning, a regular workout schedule absolutely can be possible. Here are my top tips to making it happen and hopefully take the stress out of getting in some regular exercise. Get organised! The first thing to do is to get a bit organised. This means taking a few minutes to make a weekly "plan". This can be done in your diary in your online calendar. This will help you to identify where you might be able to sneak in an exercise session (think outside the square). Don’t rule out any options at this stage – just look for opportunities to get active. Ask yourself a couple of questions: 1. Could I do a walk or run whilst the kids are doing their after school activity? 2. Is it possible to head out on my lunch break for a quick workout at a local gym or a walk/run? 3. Would it be possible to walk/run/cycle to work or home? 4. Could I do a stretch session or workout video at home in the morning or evening? Have some workouts, walk or running routes ready and at your fingertips for when you need them. Have your gear with you! You never know when the opportunity might arise to sneak in a quick session.
Keep your gear handy in your car boot or locker for that "just in case moment". The sun is out and a meeting is cancelled – YES, I’m heading out for a 30-minute power walk!
Why not schedule a walking meeting with your team? The fresh air will help you think clearer too. Be flexible Even if you have the best plan, things can always go wrong. You might have to work late, start early, kids are sick, or the weather is terrible outside. Don't let that deter you. Have a couple of backup plans ready – maybe you have some home workout videos or stretch sessions? If it turns out that you just can’t make it happen today, don’t dwell on it. There is always tomorrow. Quality over quantity This is absolutely true when it comes to exercise, especially for busy working mums. You don't need to allocate an hour for each session. A 30-minute session is great. Throw in some interval work, hills, and heavy sets to ramp up the intensity if that's what you need.
If you need to calm your body and mind, slow the pace, do some light walking, stretching and breathing and really focus on yourself for that 30 minutes. Try not to let the mind wander.
Find the opportunities to exercise, no matter how small they might be. Just work hard and stay focused for that time. Drop the mum guilt I'm here to tell you that your health and fitness is important for so many reasons. If you are not feeling great either physically or mentally you are likely not giving your best to your family or your workplace. It is really important for you to take care of you so that you have some in the cup to look after others. This being said, it's time to stop thinking you are being selfish for taking some time for yourself to exercise and stay healthy. Rachel Leman is the Owner/Operator of Miss Motivator in Port Macquarie, NSW. To find out more about her and get in touch, click here. You can also find her on Instagram.

Rachel Leman runs Miss Motivator in Port Macquarie, NSW . Learn more about Rachel and Book your Trial today.

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