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Fitness Goals for Busy Mums

Feb 7, 2023   •   
Fitness Goals for Busy Mums

Setting Fitness Goals for Busy Mums

2023 is up and running! Alongside it many people have set resolutions as to what they want to achieve in the coming year. When it comes to fitness, the common goals are usually to lose weight, get fit, or tone up. However, this year, let’s break the norm and focus on setting lifestyle goals and developing healthy habits, rather than solely focusing on appearance. As busy mums and women our goal is to feel better, not just look better.

Setting fitness goals can be an incredibly rewarding process. But if you’re a busy woman or mum, it can also be overwhelming and daunting. Where do you start? How do you stay motivated? Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started and some practical suggestions.

Step 1: Set Realistic Goals

The first step in setting fitness and lifestyle goals is to make sure that they are realistic. You’re not going to be able to go from exhausted new mum to marathon runner overnight, so start small. Set achievable goals that you can steadily work towards over time.

For example, if you want to run a 5K race, start by committing to walking three times a week for 30 minutes at a time, then gradually add in jogging or intervals over time. Then increase the frequency and distance as you become more comfortable with the activity.

Step 2: Focus on Habits Rather than Results

When setting fitness goals, focus on habits rather than results. This means creating small changes that become part of your daily routine, rather than trying to achieve extreme results in a short amount of time (which is often unsustainable). Focus on forming healthy habits like drinking water throughout the day or eating protein with every meal rather than focusing solely on goals like losing weight or completing a marathon.

Step 3: Track Your Progress and Celebrate Success

Tracking your progress is key when it comes to reaching any goals. Make sure you record what activities you’ve done each day and measure the results so that you can see how far you’ve come over time. Use apps or journals — whatever works best for you — and don’t be afraid to adjust your goal if necessary, based on the data collected from tracking your progress.

Here are 3 types of goals for a well-rounded healthy lifestyle.

These may not be ground breaking ideas you’ve never heard before however, if included in your daily life are guaranteed to improve your overall quality of life, physical and mental wellbeing.


  • Set a daily step target
  • Hold a plank for 60sec
  • Do x number of push ups on your toes
  • Workout 3 x week
  • Run 5k



  • Get 8 hours of sleep each night
  • Read before bed each night
  • Meditate for 10min each day
  • Begin doing regular infrared saunas
  • Practice daily gratitude

Setting attainable fitness goals can help us busy mums stay motivated on our journey to optimal health and wellness. Take some time to consider what goals would work best for you, and then establish habits that will help turn those goals into reality. With dedication and focus, the possibilities for success are endless!

Becky Dadswell runs Find Your Fit in New South Wales, . Learn more about Becky and Book your Trial today.

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