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Exercising in the heat

Jan 29, 2024   •   
Exercising in the heat

Exercising in the heat – the how to guide

Exercising in the heat can sap your energy! Out here where I come from, temperatures can soar into the mid 40’s. It’s harsh and often leaves us feeling unmotivated to exercise, so I thought I’d share some of my ideas for keeping active whilst beating the heat!

These are my Hot Tips (pun intended!) for exercising when it’s hot

  1. Swim
  2. Hydrate
  3. Wear Less
  4. Use Air Conditioning
  5. Move early in the day

What exercise to do in the heat?

Take up Swimming or have you tried paddle boarding or kayaking? Exercise doesn’t always have to be your standard weights or cardio sessions. If water sports get your body moving and your heart pumping, it’s a win! Live in or near a town and can access the local swimming pool? Schedule yourself some sessions and swim some laps. Fitness on land is one thing but getting into the water unlocks a whole new level.

Drinking more than just water

Stay hydrated. We have been told for years to drink 2L or more of water per day. But is it effectively hydrating you? If you notice you need to urinate a lot when you are drinking more water, it is perhaps not hydrating your body as well as it could. Try adding some salt/electrolytes to your water. Adding a pinch of salt to your water aids the absorption of the fluid in the intestines, which promotes more effective hydration. Of course, you should always seek guidance from your GP to ensure what is right for you.

Strip off in the heat

Wear the crop top and the shorty shorts! It’s time to stop caring what other people think. If you need to strip off your shirt and get around in your crop and shorts to be comfortable, you do that. Your body is perfectly ok. The look, size and shape of your body does not justify your worth so stop sweating it out in uncomfortable clothes and get yourself something that fits your vibe girlfriend.

Exercising in the Heat

Seeking cool environments to exercise

Find some air-conditioning. Your workouts don’t need to take up a lot of space. A few square metres in your bedroom with the air-conditioner on will work a treat. Although if you are lucky enough to have access to a gym with air-conditioning – head there.

What time of day to exercise?

Get up early. This is my favourite tip. Beat the heat by getting out of bed earlier. It is so much cooler in the morning and the best part is – everyone else is still in bed so you get all that time to yourself. Enjoy a cuppa in peace and then head into a quick workout before the day begins.

Remember, movement always makes you feel better. Even on the days when it’s extremely hot and you are feeling tired and sluggish from the soaring temperatures; find a way to move your body. This way you can benefit from all those happy hormones that exercise guarantees to deliver and you’ll blitz through the summer feeling your best self.

Melissa Neilsen runs Melissa Neilsen in Queensland, . Learn more about Melissa and Book your Trial today.

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