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My kids became my reason to exercise – not my excuse

Dec 16, 2020   •   
My kids became my reason to exercise – not my excuse
As a PT, I see so many mums saying how hard it is to exercise with their kids around; how they can’t do it because their toddler gets in the way or they continually need something. And so we end up losing motivation. And I get it! I have been there too.
That’s why I now get up before the sun! I know that if I get those 30 minutes to myself to exercise every morning I am a way better mother for it.
Even on those days when we have had very little sleep through the night, I still get up early because the best thing you can do when you are tired and lacking energy is to exercise. It releases happy hormones to make you feel like you can conquer the world! Or at least conquer the day. Hah! Now my kids are getting older, and I continue on my journey of motherhood, I’ve come to recognise more and more that our kids learn everything from us. EVERYTHING! You know when you hear them reprimanding their brothers and the tone they speak in and the words they say sound familiar!? They’ve learnt it from us! The people they become, the habits they form and the expectations they set for themselves are all taken on from us. And so in knowing that, I want them to be given great examples. I know how hard it is to establish healthy habits as an adult, so if we can instil it in them when they are young they have a much better chance of leading a healthy life. I don’t want my kids to struggle with the same health challenges I did. I want my kids to grow up with an understanding of the importance of caring for our bodies. I want them to know that exercise is not just something people do when they need to manage weight, it is an important daily activity that ensures healthy function of our body, building strong bones, improving flexibility and balance, supporting great mental health, reducing the risk of disease and more.
Our bodies were made to move and I want my kids to know that. They will grow up exercising because they love to move, because they love the way it makes them feel and because they love their bodies enough to look after them.
And the best way I know how to do that is to lead by example. It’s a win for everybody, because when I exercise I am a better mum, which means my kids are also happier kids. So instead of finding excuses next time, look at your reasons. Melissa is one of our newest affiliate team members; she currently works with mums online and will soon be launching face to face sessions in Hughenden, QLD. To get in touch, please click on 'Find a Trainer' at the top of this page, followed by 'Do you need a MumSafe Trainer in your area' and fill out the form with your details.

Melissa Neilsen runs Melissa Neilsen in Hughenden, QLD . Learn more about Melissa and Book your Trial today.

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