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5 no-equipment exercises mums can do at home

Written by Sahar Daryan
Aug 11, 2021   •   
5 no-equipment exercises mums can do at home

As a mum, life can sometimes get in the way of working out or going to gym. It is important to stay on top of your own health and maintain your fitness at all times, mumma!

As the saying goes: you cannot serve from an empty cup. The stronger you get, the healthier and more energised you will feel. That energy will reflect on your behaviour and can also positively affect the whole family.

Being in the fitness industry for over 10 years, I have heard so many excuses why “I can’t train now” – it’s raining! I don’t have the time! What do I do with bubs? It’s too late! I haven’t eaten! My gym gear is in the laundry… And so it goes on. But let’s face it, all you need is to WANT to exercise.

Nowadays, especially during Covid, training at home has become the new normal. There are so many benefits of doing a workout at home, such as:

  • It is time-efficient
  • You can do other things on the side (I always do my laundry)
  • You can have bubs around and attend to them when required
  • You can train any day or any time that suits you best

Now, you may be asking how you can possibly get a good workout without the fancy gym machines or equipment?

When I was in hotel quarantine for 14 days, I came up with all sorts of exercises and workout plans to make sure I was moving my body.

I have listed for you here my favourite “no-equipment exercises” that you can do at home – or anywhere you want. These exercises and the hotel room furniture were my best friends for 2 weeks. You can use your furniture at home for some of them while others are simply bodyweight exercises.

1. Squat kick

2. Push up

3. Hip Thrust

4. Curtsy Lunge

5. Dips on Bench

Try performing these exercises in a circuit – perform all of them back-to-back, 3 rounds of 12 repetitions each. Feel free to adjust the reps and sets according to your own fitness level. I would love to know how you go!

Sahar runs Limitless Mummas in Southport, QLD. To find out more about her and get in touch, click here.

You can also find her on Instagram.

If you are a new mum returning to exercise and are not sure where to start check out our FREE Safe Return to Exercise for New Mums program to learn all you need to know.

Written by Sahar Daryan
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