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Family Walks in Moreton Bay

Oct 16, 2023   •   
Family Walks in Moreton Bay

8 Fabulous Walks in Moreton Bay: Mum-Tested and Family-Approved!

It’s time to get those prams rolling. Moreton Bay is calling. We’ve compiled some of our favourite family walks for you to try out too. There are eight fabulous walks here to keep every member of your family engaged and happy.

Walk 1: North Lakes Environmental Park

Duration: 30-45 minutes
If you’re in North Lakes, don’t miss out on this green haven. Smooth paths make it ideal for prams and the canopy of trees provides ample shade, perfect for those hot days.
Toilets: Available.
Café Recommendations: Coffee Club North Lakes is my go-to; their kid-friendly menu and cozy atmosphere make it perfect for post-walk refreshments.

Walk 2: Redcliffe Botanic Gardens

Duration: 40-60 minutes
Redcliffe Botanic Gardens is a true sanctuary for families seeking a blend of natural beauty and leisurely activity. Spread over a sizable area, these gardens offer a variety of unique features. With winding pathways framed by lush, tropical greenery, this spot is an oasis in the heart of Redcliffe.
What I absolutely love about it is the tranquillity; it is an ideal space for “me time” or for sharing nature’s wonders with the kids. Educational boards are sprinkled throughout, making the stroll not just refreshing but also informative — a big win if you have curious little ones.
Toilets: Yes.
Café Recommendations: Botanica Lifestyle Resort has a beautiful outdoor seating area and offers an array of healthy, kid-friendly options.

Walk 3: Deception Bay Heritage Trail

Duration: 45-60 minutes
Pristine coastline, check! Historical markers along the way add an educational element, ideal for older kids.
Toilets: Available.
Café Recommendations: Mermaids by the Bay is our family’s favourite; they offer a delightful kids’ menu and stunning views of the ocean.

Walk 4: Caboolture Regional Environmental Park

Duration: 30-40 minutes
Nature lovers, this one’s for you! Educational signs dot the pathway, making the walk a learning journey for your little explorers.
Toilets: None, so be prepared.
Café Recommendations: Arabellas Café is a treat, especially their delightful milkshakes that are a hit with the kiddos.

Walk 5: Sandgate Waterfront

Duration: 45-60 minutes
Between the jaw-dropping vistas and the lively community vibe, this spot is a weekend go-to for my family. What is super helpful is the distance markers along the path, so you always know how much further you must go—perfect for pacing ourselves. We usually start our adventure by parking at Decker Park and then make our way toward the iconic Shorncliffe Jetty. Hydration is a breeze, with water fountains dotting the path—there is even ones for our fur baby when he joins the fun! My kids absolutely adore the mini quests along the walk, whether it is spotting mud crabs or counting the enchanting fairy doors.
Toilets: Yes.
Café Recommendations: Cardigan Bar for its family-friendly vibe and Matthew Thomas Cafe for their exquisite coffee. Both are absolute gems!

Family Walks

Walk 6: Lake Eden

Duration: 30-45 minutes
Lake Eden in North Lakes is an absolute gem for mums looking for some quality outdoor time with the kiddos. The calm waters and picturesque views provide a serene backdrop for a peaceful pram walk or a quick jog. The pathway is flat and well-maintained, making it ideal for prams and little feet eager to explore plus there are a few parks for playing. For us mums, the presence of clean public toilets is a godsend for those inevitable “Mum, I have to go!” moments.
Toilets: Definitely.
Café Recommendations: Zarraffa’s Coffee offers a cozy atmosphere, and The Lakes College Café has delightful sandwiches and pastries that the kids will love.

Pram Walk 7: Osprey House Environmental Centre

Duration: 25-35 minutes
An environmentalist’s dream! The centre has binoculars for birdwatching and information on local species.
Toilets: Available.
Café Recommendations: This spot is perfect for a packed picnic; it’s our go-to for a relaxed family day.

Walk 8: Centenary Lakes Park

Duration: 30-45 minutes
We adore this park; the pram-friendly paths loop around beautiful ponds, making it ideal for feeding ducks with the little ones.
Toilets: Yes.
Café Recommendations: We often pack a picnic and enjoy the lakeside views. It’s a serene spot that the whole family enjoys.

Let’s embrace the great outdoors of Moreton Bay – I’ll see you on the trails! You can find more Family Friendly Pram Walks on our website.

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