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5 Kid and Pram Friendly Walks in the Swan Family

Aug 15, 2023   •   
5 Kid and Pram Friendly Walks in the Swan Family

Walk for Kids and Prams in the Swan Valley

The Swan Valley in Western Australia is a picturesque region known for its lush vineyards, artisanal produce and scenic landscapes. For families with young children, the area offers a plethora of kid and pram-friendly walks. These combine natural beauty with the convenience of pram accessibility. In this article, we’ll explore five delightful kid friendly walks perfect for parents and children to explore together. Plus I reference nearby playgrounds, cafes, and restaurants that cater for families too. Each destination is handpicked for its ease of access and suitability for walking children, making for an enjoyable outing for all. AND for more ideas visit the go-to home of Pram Walks as suggested by the MumSafe Team!

Whiteman Park – Bennett Brook Loop

  • Whiteman Park – Bennett Brook Loop
    Location: Whiteman Park, Lord Street, Whiteman, WA 6068

The Bennett Brook Loop at Whiteman Park is one the perfect kid friendly walk. It is ideal for families. The well-paved and flat path offers easy pram access with a relatively short 2.5km loop. This takes you through native bushland and alongside the picturesque Bennett Brook. Along the way, you can spot local wildlife and birds, providing a fantastic opportunity to introduce your little ones to the wonders of nature. Adjacent to the walk, the “Village Playground” welcomes kids with age-appropriate play equipment. This all ensures a fun-filled adventure for the whole family.

Café Nearby: Village Café, located within Whiteman Park, offers a variety of kid-friendly snacks, refreshments, and coffee for parents to recharge after the walk.

Swan River – Woodbridge Riverside Park Trail

  • Swan River – Woodbridge Riverside Park Trail
    Location: Start at Woodbridge Riverside Park, First Avenue, Woodbridge, WA 6056

The Swan River – Woodbridge Riverside Park Trail is a delightful stroll suitable for families with young children. This easy 3km trail runs alongside the Swan River, boasting beautiful views and tranquil surroundings. The wide, flat path ensures smooth pram access, while kids can relish spotting ducks and other waterbirds along the river. The trail ends at Woodbridge Riverside Park, a haven for children, featuring a large playground with climbing structures, swings, and water play areas, perfect for a post-walk playtime.

Café Nearby: There is a convenient on-site cafe which offers a delicious range of snacks and beverages, just inside the park entrance.

Caversham Wildlife Park – Kangaroo Loop.

  • Caversham Wildlife Park – Kangaroo Loop
    Location: Caversham Wildlife Park, Lord Street, Whiteman, WA 6068

For a family-friendly adventure with a touch of wildlife, head to Caversham Wildlife Park’s Kangaroo Loop. This pram-accessible trail allows you to enjoy a leisurely walk while introducing your children to our native animals including kangaroos, wallabies, and koalas. The 2km loop is mostly flat and offers plenty of opportunities for animal encounters and photo ops.

Café Nearby: Outside Caversham Wildlife Park, still within in Whiteman Park, you’ll find Village Café across the carpark, which serves light meals, sandwiches, and refreshments to satisfy hungry little explorers.

Bells Rapids Trail

  • Bells Rapids Trail
    Location: Cathedral Avenue, Brigadoon, WA 6069

The Bells Rapids Trail is a family-friendly option for older children who enjoy a slightly longer walk. The 5km trail features well-maintained gravel paths, ideal for determined and experienced off-road pram-walkers. It also offers breathtaking views of the Avon River and surrounding countryside. The gentle terrain is perfect for children who are accustomed to walking longer distances, and the scenic landscapes provide ample opportunities for memorable family photos.

Café Nearby: After the walk, visit Broads Cafe at Upper Reach Winery, located a short drive away, to savor some delicious food and indulge in wine tasting (for parents, of course).

Maali Bridge Park – Swan Valley Loop

  • Maali Bridge Park – Swan Valley Loop
    Location: Reid Highway, Middle Swan, WA 6056

The Maali Bridge Park – Swan Valley Loop offers a diverse and scenic experience for families. The 3.5km loop starts at Maali Bridge Park. It takes you through vineyards, alongside the Swan River, and across charming wooden bridges. The pram-friendly paths make it easy to maneuver, while the mix of vineyard and river views creates a unique outing suitable for both parents and children.

Café Nearby: To end your walk on a delicious note, visit the Homestead Brewery, where you can find a kid-friendly menu and enjoy a range of craft beers for the adults.

Why Walk in this area with your kids?

The Swan Valley in Western Australia is a haven for families seeking pram-friendly walks that offer natural beauty and convenient amenities nearby. With options like Whiteman Park’s Bennett Brook Loop, the Woodbridge Riverside Park Trail, and the Caversham Wildlife Park’s Kangaroo Loop, families can create cherished memories while enjoying the outdoors. For slightly longer walks with rewarding views, Bells Rapids Trail and Maali Bridge Park – Swan Valley Loop are perfect choices. All five walks provide ease of access for prams and cater to the needs of walking children, ensuring a delightful outing for the entire family.

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