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What are the benefits of joining a virtual mums’ fitness group?

May 12, 2020   •   
What are the benefits of joining a virtual mums’ fitness group?
Imagine this: it's 9:25 am and you are doing things around the house, minding your baby or eating something... Maybe you're doing all three at once! In 5 minutes your fitness session starts, and you are nowhere near being late – how awesome is that? You know why? Because you do the session from home. Talk to me about convenience, huh? Turns out (and thanks to the current situation we are living in), new forms of delivering exercise have unfolded and virtual sessions are by far the one with the most benefits. I'm about to talk about them so have a seat and grab a cuppa!
  1. It's convenient: In two steps, you go from the kitchen to the living room to have your daily dose of exercise without leaving home. Great for cold and rainy days and not to mention how amazing it is for when our little ones are sick. Never miss a session again!
  2. More affordable: Regardless of the price of your sessions, staying home reduces the costs, and that's always a win! Less petrol usage and no paid parking (a bonus if you went by car). Also, the coffee/morning tea after the class... Every single penny you can save right now counts!
  3. Less stress: Not having to rush through the door, no packing the nappy bag, remembering morning tea and your little one's fave toys... And always thinking that we are forgetting something. It takes the pressure off our shoulders and that's always welcome.
  4. Pre-exercise screening, birth story and onboarding process: Knowing their clients is a big part of the life of a great trainer. Before you join your mums' fitness group, you will undergo an onboarding process that includes your health, pregnancy, and birth story so your trainer can help you achieve your goals with your particular needs in mind. A pre-learning educational module is important so you know the ABC of returning to exercise: including how to correctly switch on your pelvic floor muscles and how to check for abdominal separation. In some cases, it even includes a 1:1 consultation!
  5. Connection: Yes, you might still be home but having other mums doing the session with you and having your trainer checking on how you are feeling today, gives you that instant connection a fitness app can't give you.
  6. Technique cues and corrections: Attending live virtual sessions means that your trainer can see you and give you cues on your techniques so you can perform the exercises correctly. Also, if you are having a bit of trouble with form, they will help you in real-time so you can correct it – and that optimises your results.
  7. Personalised exercises and modifications: As you already know, mum bodies require special attention. This is especially true when you first return to exercise, or when you have something in particular that needs extra care such as pelvic floor weakness, abdominal separation, prolapse or overactive pelvic floor, just to name a few. Having your trainer on the other side of the screen watching you and modifying the exercises to suit your particular needs prevents you from doing movements that you might not be ready for yet. Even more, it prevents you from performing an exercise that can worsen a dysfunction that you may have.
  8. Motivation and accountability: Some days, we need a kick up the bum and some others we need two! Knowing the group and trainer will be there might be the motivation you need to get moving! And they will keep you accountable so you can get closer and closer to your goals. An excellent trainer requires you to show up, and they'll meet you wherever you are that day. No two days and/or nights are the same, and even when you don't feel at your best, your trainer will make sure you have a great workout based on YOU today.
  9. Chance to ask questions: As there is two-way communication, if at some point in your session you feel like asking a question to your trainer, you have the ability to do it. With pre-recorded videos or fitness apps, there isn't that option, and you may end up following a session that doesn't suit you that day.
  10. Follow up: If a mum doesn't seem to be OK or if there are aches and pains going on, I'd follow up the next day. Running live virtual sessions is not much different to face-to-face sessions, and the process is the same – I'd follow up to see how that mum is feeling and offer help and advice so she can keep moving safely.
As you can see, there are more than a couple of benefits of joining a virtual mums' fitness group! When we go back to normal, I know I will keep some of my virtual sessions available to my community because I find them super convenient, and I love that. See you in the virtual world, ladies!   Meli runs Phoenix for Mums in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. To find out more about her and get in touch, click here. You can also find her on Instagram.
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