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Travel Report: Mums Only Fitness Retreat

Published Oct 4th, 2018 by

Jen Dugard

Travel Report: Mums Only Fitness Retreat

Experts are now suggesting that mums need ‘mums-only’ time out (like we didn’t know that already!) However, from my experience, the knowing and the doing are two very different things. Mums have this very special gift of making sure everyone else is looked after regardless of their own physical and emotional wellbeing. This, in a nutshell, is why I do what I do and it encompasses every single part of Body Beyond Baby, Safe Return to Exercise and, more recently, our retreat offerings.

I work in fitness for mums, I am a mum, I love to travel and I PERSONALLY understand the huge importance of ‘mum-time-out’ so it only made sense that sooner or later I launched an escape. Just. For. Mums.

Since becoming a mother, I have experienced many ups and downs and I have learned 100% that to be the best mum I can be for my children, I must create time for myself and feel, but brush aside, the motherhood-guilt that can all too often hold us back from self-care.

At this point I highly encourage you to read on with this thought: this is NOT just a pipe dream, not just a joke or a Facebook meme about something you ‘wish’ you could do. Make a pact to yourself to put yourself first, to talk to your partner or those around you about the time out and support you need and start to plan the get-away that will help you to truly relax and ‘find’ yourself again amongst the day-to-day mum-ness……

Phuket, Thailand.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to create a partnership with established retreat provider, Steve Moar, from Restart Health Escapes and to be heading off to the most beautiful location in Thailand for the first time in November of 2017. Despite hosting the retreat, I had never been to our location before; that was Steve’s specialty and I trusted his experience both in the area and to lead us in the right direction.

From the second I arrived at our hotel, The Pullman Phuket Arcadia Nathan Beach, a day earlier than our guests, I was blown away. The location is spectacular! Infinity pool overlooking a beach anyone? Our rooms provided the perfect level of luxury and for a health and fitness retreat, the roof top exercise space, well-equipped gym and sunset yoga deck made for the perfect location. I might have been there to work but I honestly felt like I was whisked away in enjoying it all.


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Yoga with a sunset view ??? . . #mumsfitnessretreat @pullmanphuket @restart_health_escapes

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Steve and I carefully designed our schedule to provide that perfect mix of self-reflection and workshops, exercise, yoga and meditation, great food and drinks, sightseeing and relaxation. The ideal mum-cation, topped off with undisturbed childfree flights and full nights of sleep which are a luxury in themselves. I often think pictures say more than words so here’s some more snap-shots of the awesome adventures we got up to.


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Experiencing The Big Buddha ??? . . #mumsfitnessretreat @restart_health_escapes #phuket #adventure

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When real life looks like this ~ so incredibly stunning ??? . . #mumsfitnessretreat @restart_health_escapes

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The beautiful Anita, mum of 2 from Sydney, shared our 2017 experience with us and here’s what she had to say:

“Attending the first Mums’ Retreat in Thailand was so much fun. Great setting, beautiful weather, great activities, amazing people…everything you could ever want in a holiday. And of course…no 5am wake up calls with the kids!!!

The time off was a much-needed break for me in a particularly hectic year and it helped me reset and regroup in my mind and health. And of course it was just a fantastic time to boot, lots of laughter and fun, lots of cheap Thai massages and a great time with friends. Just what I needed! Thanks so much to Jen and Steve for the amazing trip and I can’t wait to do it again in the future.”


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Not a bad spot for our morning workout ?? . . #mumsfitnessretreat @restart_health_escapes #thailand #phuket

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So to all the mums out there reading this, and all the partners or cheerleaders of mums that have read this far, I encourage you to explore the opportunities around you for some extended mum-time out and come back rested, rejuvenated and ready to be super-mum once again!

We are taking off again to this very location from the 16th – 21st November, 2018 and we still have some opportunities for you to join us for an end of year wrap up and re-set. I would love to support you in any way that I can to make this happen and for you to know that it’s okay to prioritise yourself.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me via phone 0402 728047 or email to find out more or request our retreat brochure.

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