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Top 5 Outdoor Locations to Exercise with Kids in Melbourne’s North

Sep 24, 2021   •   
Top 5 Outdoor Locations to Exercise with Kids in Melbourne’s North

Kids in tow? Know where to go!

These outdoor spots situated in Melbourne’s northern suburbs are some of Fit For 2’s favourite spaces for you and the kids to work out together!

1. Mill Park Leisure Centre Playground, Mill Park

You’ll find the Fit For 2 mummas exercising as a group out here on weekends when the weather is good, migrating to the sun from the access via the leisure centre.

This fully fenced, outdoor playground has soft ground and bright colours. The centre has drink taps, toilets with change tables, and importantly, a café, making it easy to grab a coffee with friends (or a treat for your well-behaved kids) on the way out.

2. Outdoor Gyms

Whittlesea council has started incorporating “outdoor gyms” into public parks. These free to use gyms consist of playground-style equipment for adults that guide your movements and give the experience of training with a weight machine. You’ll be using your own body weight as resistance so take care to focus on what works for you (the machines are designed for the general public and are not all appropriate for pregnancy/postnatal). So, if you are pregnant or a new mum, make sure you contact Fit For 2 for all your safe training needs.

Being located in parks there is room for the kids to run around or for you to park a pram and knock out a few sets. Check out your local council (here’s Whittlesea’s link) for more “outdoor gyms” near you, but below are a few to get you started:

  • City of Whittlesea Public Gardens, 158 Barry Road Lalor
  • 26 Juggal Close, Epping
  • Corner Galloway Drive and Neptune Terrace, Mernda

3. Edwards Lake Park, Reservoir

The infamous “train park”, Edwards Lake Park has a fenced playground section for littlies but also a full athletics track with spongey terrain and a triple jump sand pit. The track gives good vision and wide spaces (so if the kids run off you’ve got a while to catch them!) It’s a fantastic place to share your Olympic medal dreams with your kids! And of course – toilets and drink fountains are nearby.

Steer clear of training near the lake itself– it isn’t fenced off well and littlies have fallen in!

4. All Abilities Play Space and Splash, Mill Park

This one can be a little busy, but it’s just such an awesome playground that you’ll end up getting a great cardio workout just chasing your kids around. Once they’re tired, you can knock out a set of tricep dips and step-ups at one of the benches at the provided BBQ and undercover table areas while they have a snack. Plus you can cool off in the water splash play area. Fit For 2 has run classes on the grassland out the back when the weather is good. There are toilets on site and a BBQ area as well.

5. Any oval with cricket nets

This is another of our classic mum hacks! Any oval; any cricket nets. Young babies can chill in the pram or on a rug on the ground. Older kids can participate in the exercise. Toddlers (the trickiest) can have fun running backwards and forwards and trying to get past you as you squat. Incorporating your child into your exercise routine enables you to demonstrate good health principles. Let them control the music, or shout out exercises; or go down for a kiss every push up, or carry them as weight while you squat – but remember, always check your pelvic floor.

Enjoy getting out and sharing the outdoors with your kids!

Anita Guerra is a Registered Midwife and Certified Fitness Trainer. She runs Fit For 2 in South Morang, Victoria. To find out more about her and get in touch, click here.

You can also find her on Instagram.

Anita Guerra runs Fit For 2 in Melbourne, VIC . Learn more about Anita and Book your Trial today.

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