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Top 5 Kid-Friendly Cafés on the Gold Coast

Written by Renee Leeming
Apr 29, 2021   •   
Top 5 Kid-Friendly Cafés on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is the heart of the Sunshine State and is known for its glorious beaches, perfect weather and café lifestyle.

There are some great cafés on the coast that accommodate parents with prams or toddlers by offering quality food for kids as well as a safe play area. This gives mums a great opportunity to have a date with their mum-friends, let the kids play and enjoy their time while munching on their food – and talk about everything “mum life”!

Based on the feedback from my amazing clients, here are the top 5 kid-friendly cafés on the Gold Coast (and what makes them so great):

1. Pasture and Co., Currumbin Valley

This café is owned and run by Dani, who is passionate about offering quality, fresh, local and organic produce (where available) and to cater for all dietary requirements, including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free. They offer allergy-friendly options for kids and adults. The café is surrounded by greenery with kangaroos just metres away. Kids can play on the grass area while parents enjoy their food in a relaxed environment.

You can find them here.

2. Cadence Café, Nerang

This hidden gem is just behind the bike shop and offers spacious indoor and outdoor areas with shade or sunny spots to sit back and relax. A secure playground for kids is offered as well as good quality food for toddlers. They are pet friendly and their menu is designed to offer something for everyone – vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free. Everyone is welcome!

You can find out more about them here.

3. Historic Rivermill Café, Nerang Hinterland

The Historic Rivermill is located 10 minutes inland from Nerang, located in the Mount Nathan Shire. Their seasonal menu is designed in a way that offers different options for everyone. Kids can visit and feed the alpacas, deer, ducks, chooks & turtles whilst enjoying a delicious meal with their families.

There is much more you can do, too! Check out their website here.

4. The Junction GC, Burleigh

Kids and teenagers can jump in and experience a variety of workshops here! They offer different workshops and programs during the school holidays. Parents can sip on their barista-made coffee while kids are being entertained… What else could you need?

Head to their website to find out more.

5. Crema Espresso, Robina Town centre

If you are planning to go shopping, this can be your coffee-break stop. Located in one of the biggest and best shopping centres in the Gold Coast, they have a gated play area for kids as well as kid-friendly snacks. The staff are super friendly and their espresso? Well, it speaks for itself! Amazing coffee.

You can find their opening hours and location here.

It is amazing to see more and more cafés and restaurants making it easier for mums and families to go out and get good quality food in a safe environment that entertains kids in a relaxed environment for parents. Being a mum doesn’t have to be socially isolating or mean you get left out of casual day-to-day life.

So, grab a group of friends and head down to one of these gorgeous cafés and enjoy your day with your little ones!

Sahar runs Limitless Mummas in Southport, QLD. To find out more about her and get in touch, click here.

You can also find her on Instagram.

Written by Renee Leeming
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