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3 simple Steps!

3 simple Steps!

We've created 3 simple steps that'll make your Google Review shine

When leaving a Google Review please follow the steps below:
1. Take a picture

Take a picture of yourself with your MumSafe Trainer, OR a selfie after training OR a pic of the session in action!

2. Write a review

Write a review that includes the full name of your MumSafe Trainer, using the phrase ‘MumSafe Trainer’ before their name (eg MumSafe Trainer TRAINERS NAME) AND some/all of the following keywords and phrases ‘#myMumSafeTrainer’, ‘Safe and Effective Exercise’, ‘Pre and Postnatal certified’, also add your favourite service or exercise that your MumSafe Trainer provides.

eg “Feeling healthy and happy with MumSafe Trainer TRAINERS NAME. MumSafe Trainers are Pre and Postnatal certified which provides me with safe and effective exercise at every stage of my motherhood. I can also bring my little one so I exercise knowing they’re looked after 💕 #myMumSafeTrainer”
3. Leave a 5 star rating!

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