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MumSafe™ Partner Physio

MumSafe™ Partner Physio

Become a MumSafe™ Partner Physio to help ensure safe and effective exercise for women at every stage of motherhood

We believe every pregnant and postpartum woman would benefit from seeing a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and we would love to partner with you.

Become a MumSafe™ Partner Physio and let’s work together to ensure safe and effective exercise for women at every stage of motherhood.

Currently we have you listed on our website as you have come recommended or you have requested to be listed with us. This is your invitation to take the next step and become one of our very first initial MumSafe partner pelvic health physiotherapists. We are excited that you have landed here to explore the next steps.

What is a MumSafe™ Partner Physio?

Our Partner Physio’s are a valuable part of the MumSafe philosophy – we know that as exercise professionals, to do the best job we can do, we need you; our ‘eyes on the inside’. We know that her pelvic floor is an internal muscle and we know that there are assessments that ideally every woman that has had a baby needs but that are not currently provided as standard pregnancy and postpartum care.

We want to work with you to provide mums with convenient access to essential services and ensuring they are empowered through understanding their body inside and out and are also aligned with the program set out by their MumSafe™ Trainer.

Why should I become a MumSafe™ Partner Physio?

As a MumSafe™ Partner Physio, you will:

  • Get your own branded page on the MumSafe™ website
  • Gain the potential to receive leads from mums seeking a MumSafe™ Partner Physio
  • Receive our ‘MumSafe Partner Physio’ badge to use on all of your business collateral
  • Create working relationships with our growing numbers of MumSafe Trainers
  • Opportunity to write for and build your profile online
  • Option to join in MumSafe team campaigns that align with your brand and messaging
  • Be part of the bigger mission to ensure women have access to safe and effective exercise at every-stage of motherhood.

Who needs a MumSafe™ Partner Physio?

We believe that every woman who had ever had a baby would benefit from being connected with one of our MumSafe™ Partner Physiotherapists.

All of our MumSafe Trainers must hold proven partnership with a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and we look forward to introducing you to our existing and future trainers in your area.

Partner with us now!

You’ve read enough and you know it’s a heck yes! The next steps are super simple – click below, fill in your details and we look forward to building your MumSafe Partner Physio profile.

Become a Partner

Need to chat further?

If you’d like to chat about the benefits of being a MumSafe™ Partner Physio with Jen Dugard just click the link below.

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