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My Podcast on Motherhood, Freedom, Obstacle racing, Business, Food and much more

Published Jul 6th, 2018 by

Jen Dugard

My Podcast on Motherhood, Freedom, Obstacle racing, Business, Food and much more
I was recently invited to chat with Ronsley Vaz on his Bond Appitit Podcast, chatting all things Motherhood, Freedom, Obstacle racing, Business, Food and many things in between! Ronsley’s intro into my Podcast is below: Jen Dugard turned her passion into her career after taking note that there was a disconnect in the world of mothers, fitness and business. Jen is a highly motivated mother of two, fitness specialist and author, that dedicates her life to show all mums that they can put themselves first and achieve both the body and lifestyle of their dreams. Jen’s mission is to passionately redefine what it means to be a mother in Australia today. While previously it has been all about looking after the baby and children, it can now also be about the specific life of the mum as well. First Jen breaks these misconception by giving mums back their confidence starting with their body images. Jen supports mums by creating communities that use exercise, support networks, and challenges that force mums to take time to specifically work on themselves. Secondly Jen lives by example after achieving her best ever body after the birth of her second child. Through pursuing her own physical fitness passion, as an elite obstacle racer, she leads others showing that when mum is happy and healthy, there is only ever a positive impact on her children and the people around her. Jen Dugard’s message on exercise as a mum is simple: You must take the time to re-build from the inside out to become stronger, fitter and more confident then you have ever been. What we talk about in this episode: * Look after your body, look after your mind * Vehicle of fitness * Why mums put themselves on the back-burner * Misconceptions of having to choose between being you and being a mum * Fitness film career * Key Persons of Influence * Fighting motherhood guilt * Distinguishing between the sexes in the business world * How to be you and be a mum at the same time * Finding your freedom * Progression * Taking for granted the knowledge that children share with us * Combination of fitness and tv * Importance of support as a mum * Benefits of a healthy happy mum on the world around them * Five key philosophies * Allowing yourself to be selfish as a mum * Exercising * Building from the inside out * Importance of what we are teaching out children * Comfort food * Why she didn’t give her children birthday cake * How to get the most out of your body by putting in the best fuel food * Instigating the no sugar, no candy * Importance of preparation for clean eating * Seeking out the education to change * Pretending to be a runner Listen Here to Jen's Podcast To find our more about Jen, Body Beyond Baby, Safe Return to Exercise or anything else please email us here and add what you are interested in into the subject heading and we will get back to you asap.
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Jen Dugard
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