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I Have a Friend

Published May 16th, 2018 by

Jen Dugard

I Have a Friend

I have a friend and at the moment, I know she’s doing it tough.

She’s a mum, just like you and I. She cares deeply for her children and her family. She’s the glue that holds it all together. We don’t live close by so I don’t see it day to day, but I feel it. And I know her strength. Even if on some days she can’t see it for herself.

I know the strength she found within herself when her body didn’t co-operate after becoming a mother, the strength it took to re-build herself physically. I know the strength it took to begin to peel back the layers of motherhood to re-discover and search for the woman she still is, deep inside; the woman behind the façade of the mother pushing the pram, nursing the baby, drying the tears of the child.

The mother that we see every day, on the outside – holds the key to the woman on the inside.

I know the passion and the drive she has to bring her light to the world. I know the turmoil she feels when it’s just not quite working and she can’t bring herself to let it go, to quit. She can’t. She shouldn’t. It’s in her. I know that she’s here to share.

But right now it feels too hard. The responsibility of being a mother means that today, putting her dreams first feels like she’s letting down her team; her family. Today she doesn’t have the energy to keep going any more. And that’s okay…..But today she doesn’t see that by dampening her dreams she ultimately dampens her light…..and they need her light.

I know that deep inside, her light can’t go out, it won’t go out, and in some of our hardest moments we learn how tough we really are. When we feel like we’ve given everything we’ve got, we find that little bit more. Little by little, moment by moment, we rise again. We find our voice and our energy. We remember that those little people in our life are what drive us even harder.

We know that we can’t be held down, that we won’t be held down, that there’s a fire inside of us that cannot be put out. And it doesn’t matter the ups and the downs because we know we will never actually stay down. Every single time we get up, we are stronger and more determined to be everything that we came here to be.

Maybe my friend will read this and maybe she will know it’s about her. Maybe you are reading this and feel like I’m talking just to you. I hope that you know just how truly wonderful you are.

Because we are the Women, the Mothers, the Lovers, the Fighters, the Healers, the Dreamers, the Motivators, the Friends, the Doers, the World Changers xxx

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Written by

Jen Dugard
MumSafe™ Trainer at 

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