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Hey Mum

Published Jan 13th, 2017 by

Jen Dugard

Hey Mum

Hey mum, 

When you look in the mirror what do you see?  When they ask you to be in a photograph how do you feel?  What is the self talk and the words that go through your head? 

Do you stand tall and smile and feel proud of the body that created life or do you curse it and criticize for the lumps, the bumps and the stretch marks? 

I hate you, you’re disgusting, you wobble, you jiggle, you’re floppy and you’re fat… 

Lets stop. Just for a moment. And remember… 

The body you are in. That nurtured your baby and houses your soul. 

That carries you through every day of your life. 

That perhaps doesn’t always co-operate and that bares the scars of the child you carried and birthed. 

But that also deserves your love. 

When you’re down and out do you prefer love and affection or torture and abuse? 

It’s a love/hate relationship, I know. 

But let’s give ourselves a break, give our bodies a break, give our minds a break. So maybe, just maybe, for a few moments each day give your self a smile, say beautiful words to yourself, nurture yourself, embrace it all and remember just how amazing both you and your body are. 

And when you choose to work hand in hand, in communion and in cooperation. When you choose to learn everything you can about each other and lovingly move together through the hard times then you can find a place of happiness and comfort that will feel just like home x 


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Written by

Jen Dugard
MumSafe™ Trainer at 

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