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Jen Dugard
Written by Jen Dugard
Jul 6, 2018   •   

Last week I didn’t pick my kids up from school on time.

In fact, I had no intention of picking them up at all.

Then I got a phone call from a school mum asking if I was collecting my daughter.

And then from the school office asking if I was collecting my son.

Tools down, computer closed, in the car, racing to get them. And redeem myself.

Today I got to the gym.

And realized I forgot a clean bra.

And my make-up.

Last night the kids and I went to sushi.

We love going to sushi. I LOVE going to sushi with them.

We usually chat and eat and it’s just enough time for quality time but not too much time for things to go wrong and for everyone to get frazzled.

Last night I was frazzled. My brain felt mixed up and the usual child banter was just noise, loud noise.

I felt like wine.

And then chocolate.

Except I’m not drinking wine or eating chocolate this month….. Aaarrrgggghhhhh!

When we got home, I hid in the bathroom for about 20 minutes to take time for myself.

Maybe they’ll get tired and put themselves to bed? I hoped.

Not likely! More likely they’ll destroy partially tidy bedrooms and then kill each other first.

This scenario is not uncommon – we all have our version.


The important part comes next.

Do you recognize when you are frazzled? Is this your permanent state?

Do you feel like your head is going to explode and your thoughts are all mixed up and you’re on the brink of tears or yelling or complete exhaustion, All. Of. The. Time?

We are not aiming to never be like this.

This is LIFE.



KNOW that’s where you’re at.

TAKE moments for yourself.

ASK for help.

KNOW you can’t possibly do it all AND keep up appearances at all times.

DON’T beat yourself up and make it worse.

BE aware

REMEMBER, it is what you choose to do next.

For me it’s….

Early bedtimes

Healthy food



Asking for help


Slowing down


It is my Motherhood.

When we share our motherhood moments somehow it lessens the load without actually doing anything and when you speak your struggles power is magically taken away from them and given back to you.

By sharing you get to own your struggle.

What does your Motherhood look like?

PS – A MASSIVE thank you to my beautiful children who see me through every struggle. Who always have love and hugs to give. Who always allow me to start again. We could all learn a lot through approaching life as our little people do x

Jen Dugard
Written by Jen Dugard

Mum-focused author, educator and business owner, Jen Dugard is on a mission to ensure every woman is safely and effectively looked after when she becomes a mother. She is a highly qualified trainer and fitness professional educator and has been specialising in working with mums for over a decade. MumSafe is the go-to place online for women to find mum-focused fitness services that are all accredited, experienced and partnered with women’s health physios so you know you are in very safe hands.

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