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Our Covid-19 Response
MumSafe takes your safety seriously

MumSafe takes your safety seriously

We have encouraged MumSafe Trainers to take extra steps during COVID-19 to help you stay safe while exercising

We have encouraged all trainers to use a Three-Phase plan

The Three-Phase plan is to ensure all sessions can be delivered in a LIVE / VIRTUAL format to help that you are looked after safely and effectively for the foreseeable future:

  • Completed the COVID-19 infection control training (*
  • Ensured BEST PRACTICE in cleanliness and physical distancing at all sessions
  • Complied with all current guidelines from government and governing bodies around continued operation
*Our New Zealand team and not able to complete this training due to access restrictions.
Classes can now be delivered in a LIVE / Virtual format
We encourage all MumSafe Trainers to practice:
  • Social Distancing (workouts are planned with this in mind)
  • All participants to sign in with a QR code before each session
  • All participants to use hand sanitiser before and after each session
  • BYO exercise mat and equipment where possible to avoid gear sharing
  • Sanitise all equipment before and after use
  • We ask client to stay home if they feel unwell
In times when we unable to exercise face to face outdoors, we utilise LIVE / Virtual sessions via Zoom.
Classes can now be delivered in a LIVE / Virtual format