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Collaboration over Competition – The Birth and Evolution of Body Beyond Baby

Published Jul 3rd, 2019 by

Jen Dugard

When I began this Body Beyond Baby journey in 2008, as a new mum myself,  I was full of excitement and ambition.

Collaboration over Competition – The Birth and Evolution of Body Beyond Baby
When I began this Body Beyond Baby journey in 2008, as a new mum myself,  I was full of excitement and ambition. I wanted to rule the world and make it a better place for every mother. Back then I had a lot of ideas around health and exercise along with aesthetics and ‘getting your pre-baby body back’. I understand now it is not really about that at all (the sooner we remove that phrase from our motherhood language the better!) it is so much more. Over time, I realised, there was a whole lot I couldn’t possibly do alone. I chose collaboration from day one. As a Personal Trainer with a Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness achieved over eight weeks and a followed by a mentorship with an experienced trainer, when I took the step into working with mums I knew I didn’t know enough. Back then there were few specific courses available to continue my education and so I sought out the support of a Women’s Health Physiotherapist; Jo Murdoch and her team at The Physiotherapy Clinic. And here began what has been a decade long collaboration to ensure the best possible care for my mum-clients, a decade of continued education for me and a friendship that has truly supported and now continues to support our affiliate team. As I continued my fitness-business journey I wanted to expand to reach more mums. I made many mistakes in the search for my next step and eventually arrived at a place where I had abandoned the idea of licensing or franchising, instead looking toward a collaborative model. A model where we all share the same beliefs and values. Where we support each others business as if they are our own whilst maintaining the autonomy to grow our own brand and run sessions ‘our own way’ within a quality controlled criteria to ensure the best possible care for the mums we work with. And a model where I could pass on my learning’s and mistakes from a decade of working with mums, bring in other specialists to support and up-skill our team and to ideally, fast-track their success. And so the Body Beyond Baby Affiliate team was born. I am on a mission to ensure that EVERY Fitness Professional has a sound general knowledge in working with mums. And I am on a further mission to bring together the VERY BEST of these Fitness Professionals and Fitness Businesses to become part of our team. All housed right here on the Body Beyond Baby website creating the NUMBER ONE place online for mums to find accredited*, insured and registered exercise options that are all working in collaboration with a Women’s Health Physiotherapist. And so the TEN businesses you see here today are the early adopters. Those who stand strong in our shared vision to ensure every woman is safely and effectively looked after within the Fitness Industry once she becomes a mother. We see the need for better education for our mothers, the need for more communication with our medical professionals, the need for more education for our trainers and a collaborative approach to call our fitness industry to a higher standard. We see the potential in joined forces to create the ripples needed to change lives of women we come into contact with every single day. If you are a mum who is looking for the peace of mind that your trainer understands your body, from the inside out and can look after you at this important time of your life please check out our website and reach out to a trainer closest to you. If there is no-one close by please contact me and let me know. If you are looking for a Women’s Health Physio in your area please check out the trainers in your location as each of them links to their partnered physio and please reach out to me if you can’t find one. AND if you are a trainer reading this thinking YES! YES! YES!, you resonate with our shared mission and would like to become Safe Return to Exercise accredited OR join our affiliate team I would love to hear from you. We open our doors semi-regularly for new affiliates to join us and I would love to have a chat to see if we are the right fit and if we could create even more ripples with you on our team. Email me here. - I can't wait to hear from you! ***All Body Beyond Baby Affiliates hold the minimum accreditation of Safe Return to Exercise which qualifies them to work with pre and postnatal women and ensures their correct insurance.
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Jen Dugard
MumSafe™ Trainer at 

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