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A Revolution in Mums Fitness

Jen Dugard

Published May 30th, 2022 by

Jen Dugard

The revolution in the way we provide fitness for mums, has been a journey MumSafe™️ Founder and CEO, Jen Dugard. Specialising in working with women through pregnancy, early postpartum and beyond, PTs need more than a general fitness qualification to provide safe and effective exercise for Mums.

A Revolution in Mums Fitness

Just like any revolution there is often a storm brewing way before any real and lasting change arrives.  For me, the revolution in the way we provide fitness for mums, has been a work in progress for almost 14years.  Back in 2008 ,after the birth of my son, I commenced my own postpartum fitness journey.  As a fitness professional I had a few tools under my belt but I soon realised I didn’t know enough with just my general fitness qualifications and a standard pre & postnatal certificate under my belt – I could definitely see that the other mums around me had absolutely no clue where to start either.

This revolution started back then because I knew I needed to do things differently and with just a couple of others (Mish Wright, Clare Hozak) specialising in working with mums it was clear there was lots to do and lots of change to bring and so we began our journey.

Here’s a super brief timeline so you can follow our journey until now…..

  • 2008 – Body Beyond Baby was founded – Group Exercise with onsite childcare for mums and it became the biggest mum-focused fitness business in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs.
  • 2016 – Safe Return to Exercise – Pre & Postnatal Certification for FitPros was launched as a 2-day course.
  • 2018 – Body Beyond Baby as a group exercise business was sold – the brand was retained and evolved into the Body Beyond Baby Affiliate Team – a small number of independent fitness businesses all with the shared mission to raise the standard of the way mums were looked after in the fitness industry.
  • 2021 – The Body Beyond Baby Affiliate was re-branded to MumSafe™️ after deep reflection on our mission & consultation with mums as to what was most important to them – knowing they are in safe hands.
  • 2022 – We have over 85 MumSafe™️ Trainers across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

And so here we are today.  Forging the future of fitness for mums.  Making sure that mums themselves understand what and WHO to look for when they are trusting their body with an exercise professional. Making sure that our MumSafe™️ Trainers are out in the world looking after mums of all ages and stages and starting valuable conversations to fill the gaps for many women in learning about their body in pregnancy, birth, early postpartum and beyond, so that all women have access to safe and effective exercise and in turn are educated and empowered in their journey as a mother.

We are on a mission to ensure all women are looked after safely and effectively once they become a Mother and will not stop until women cease to utter the words “Why did no-one tell me?”


To be able to communicate that they are a MumSafe™️ Trainer they must meet specific criteria:

  • Qualified in pre & postnatal exercise
  • Partnered with a Women’s or Pelvic Health Physiotherapist
  • Registered with a Fitness Body i.e – AUSactive or Exercise New Zealand
  • Properly Insured
  • Committed to their ongoing education – provided within their MumSafe Membership
  • Be a current and financial member of MumSafe™️


If you are a mum who is a trainer, or you have an amazing trainer that you think should be known as a MumSafe™️ Trainer applications open in June.  Head to to find out more and join our waitlist.

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