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5 easy exercises to do with a toddler

Jan 14, 2021   •   
5 easy exercises to do with a toddler

As mums, we all know how hard it can be to juggle and make time for ourselves, especially when it comes to exercise.

We always seem to prioritise doing the washing, cleaning the house, kids appointments, doing things for our partners but when it comes to ourselves it’s a: “I’ll get around to that, I have other ‘important’ things to get done”.

Well, mumma, you are important! And prioritising our own health and fitness is essential if you want all other areas in your life not to fall over!

Being a trainer for over 11 years I’ve seen and heard all the excuses we give ourselves. Now I’m a mum of 2 small children myself and I know first-hand how hard it can be. I’ve been blessed with 2 absolutely beautiful children, but sleep is not one of their favourite things to do. So I’ve been permanently tired for over 4.5 years and you know the one thing that always makes me feel better (apart from sleep 😉 ) is exercise!

It may sound crazy, but exercise actually gives you more energy and makes you feel better. You have a massive rush of endorphins and immediately feel better afterwards. And, you don’t even have to go to a gym to do exercise, you can do it from home.

Here are 5 easy exercises you can do with a toddler at home. You can use your toddler as weight (demonstrated here with a weighted bag) to make it harder or if they’re OK being down on the ground whilst you work out, you can do them unweighted.

1. Weighted squat

2. Weighted bridge lift

3. Thrusters

4. Pushups

5. Plank rows

Let us know how you go with these exercises. You can contact me by clicking on the ‘Ask a Question’ button below.

Jacqui runs Canberra Fitness Centre in Mitchell in the ACT. To find out more about her and get in touch, click here

You can also find her on Instagram.

If you are a new mum returning to exercise and are not sure where to start check out our FREE Safe Return to Exercise for New Mums program to learn all you need to know.

Jacqui Ambrus-Bonazzi runs Bump It Up in New South Wales, . Learn more about Jacqui and Book your Trial today.

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